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Being the best "you", YOU can be.

Identifying your unique talent and providing new skills

Talent Identification


At our gamified assessment centers, we evaluate the current and potential skills of prospective students through cognitive and ability testing. Talented students may not be those who have shown academic success.


We believe that a student can become a flexible, adaptable and resilient employee if they demonstrate the Four As:


  • the Ambition to succeed

  • the Aptitude to learn

  • the Ability to apply yourself

  • the Attitude to make a difference



Student-Centered Development


Through our student-centered agile approach, we align our learners’ individual aspirations and skills with employer needs.


Project delivery-based learning familiarises learners with the industrial standards and techniques of a working environment.  As soft and digital skills are developed, working expectations are normalised, allowing for a smoother transition into the professional workforce

Not being academic does not mean you can't be a success or have unique talents..............

Inspiration Lab 2019


We are all talented in our own unique way, come along to find your own superpowers and have loads of fun exploring what your amazing brain can do! Goodbye boredom, hello future….


In an exciting collaboration with Touchwood Solihull, we are offering young people aged 8 to 15  the opportunity to join us for inspirational and engaging workshop experiences.


Come and join us and have fun designing, building, sharing, thinking, talking and generally showing us why you are the future that we need to watch.


All our coaches are trained, and DBS checked.